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Every team is different. We build training designed for yours.

Discover our three-tiered approach to training below.

Know | Tier 1

In order for you to develop your team, you have to know them first. What are their strengths and challenges? Where do they fit best into the organization’s structure and culture? We use three assessments to help you know your people and put them on the right development path.

Show | Tier 2

Once you know your team, you also need to show them how they fit in, how others fit in, and how their strengths and roles fit in to the overall culture and strategic vision of your company. We achieve this through a number of interactive workshops based on the results of the assessments.

Grow | Tier 3

Through group and one-on-one coaching we help your managers, emerging leaders, and executive team achieve their full potential. Coaching is where real change and transformation can take place.

We're dedicated to helping you build teams that help you reach your goals.

Providing opportunities to learn and grow is what Will does best. He developed and delivered customized training for my Division’s employees on how to apply Emotional Intelligence to our everyday lives. The trainings were interactive and engaging.


Vice President of Student Affairs, Amarillo College

As a small business owner, I was looking for in-person coaching to help improve my leadership skills. Will guided me through the process of identifying my natural leadership style and uncovering my professional strengths as well as opportunities for growth. My experience with Amplyfy Training has taught me practical and specific ways to leverage my strengths and be a better leader for my team. After each professional coaching session, I immediately had tools I could put to use – and they worked!


Owner, Siren Solutions



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